Odd behavior when deleting files in explorer

i Have been using Windows 7 since it has come out and on the whole I am pleased save for a problem that has come up recently. I routinely download large files that are rar'd with Winrar. This is an application that reduces files like winzip.
Well I have dealt with hundreds of these over the past few years and the process is I unRar the actual content, but the rar files still remain so I delete those and I am left with the content only.
Lately, since using Windows 7, I have had everything get deleted, including the content that I had unrard.
so basically I carefully select only the Rar files and delete them but somehow, the file that came from that is "associated" and deleted as well.
This has happened about 10-12 times when it never occurred before. I have even seen it when I select the files to delete clearly seeing the one that I want to keep unselected but have it vanish right before my eyes. The only known way I have around this, and it only occurs infrequently, is to play/open the file I want to keep to protect it from being deleted.
Has anyone else noticed this, or am i just suddenlyl losing it? Thanks.


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I might suggest when you unrar the files that you put them in a separate folder possibly in another directory. I see not reason deleting the original .rar files would delete the expanded files unless they were still tied together.

Ever since I got a virus by using Winrar, I have been very careful to not use it again.

How did you get a virus from Winrar? Did you get it from the app itself or from something that was Rared?


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I got it from the original download of the utility from Download.com.

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