Odd Connection Issue

I'm not sure how to describe this problem. It is like I don't have internet but at the same time I do.

The problem happened randomly, I left my computer to watch a movie and came back to my machine and the issue occured. I normally use firefox as my web browser and when I loaded it up I got the screen that it couldn't connect. The one you see when you have no connection to the internet. I assumed my modem hung up and promptly rebooted it. I tend to leave my machine running for weeks without powering down. This did not fix the issue. I checked my laptop and it had no problems connecting with the ethernet or the wifi so I know its not the modem.

Randomly i loaded up IE (accidentally) while looking through the trouble shooter and it worked! Here is where it gets "odd". No other program I have can connect to the internet. I can't update my spybot or antivirus programs. When they try to connect to their repsective servers it gives me the same error that you would get if you had no connection. I am currently on said machine using the only program that connects to the internet, IE.

I just recently installed Windows 7 Home Premium. I had XP Pro. I did not upgrade. I formatted and did a clean install yesterday. I had no issues at all until this evening. The OS runs like a dream and overall I'm pretty impressed with the "fixes". I really don't know what could cause this problem. Any ideas?

Here is my system info:
Processor: Intel Core2 CPU 6400 @ 2.13GHz with 2GB Ram
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Dell Dimension E520

Let me know if you need more info I'll be more than happy to provide.


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What;s the make and model of your router.

You may need a firmware iodate.

Siemens Gigaset SE567

Would an update conflict with my laptop. It cannot handle Win7 and currently runs on XP Pro. It also has zero connection issues at this point.

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I highly doubt an upgrade would work, but if you;tr not concerned about the information on the machine,then what would it hurt ti give iy a try,.

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