Odd file sharing problem - now you see it... now you don't

Hello to all. This is my first post and mainly the reason for joining, but hopefully not the one for staying in this forum - it appears to be full of rich information.
My problem is as follows: I have a hard wired home network setup "joined" by a Linksys router. My main Desktop runs W7 Ultimate. I have my son's PC which runs Windows XP. Occasionaly I hook up wirelesly my office laptop running Vista. I also have a satelite receiver (Dreambox) running linux with capability of mounting network drives. Finally I have my mobile phone running Windows Mobile 6.5 that I also occasionally hook up onto network. The problem lies with the main desktop running W7.
To cut a long story short, It refuses to allow the dreambox and my mobile phone to access its folders, however this is not the case to the rest of the PCs running XP and Vista. In order to justify the title of the message, please note the following: yesterday, in desparation I "shared" the whole "c" disk of my W7 desktop to "everyone" with full permissions, in addition to the folders in it. And it worked, temporarily that is. Both Dreambox as well as Windows mobile "show" it no problem. But, when I later on had to reboot, well... its gone. However, the XP and Vista PCs had no problem.
A couple of facts that may help towards advicing:
- When I right clik on a given folder, the button called "Share" right under "Network path", is shaded so I have to go via "Advanced Sharing" in order to change the properties of the drive or forder.
- I have made all suggested changes in the Network and Sharing Centre i.e. Network discovery etc.

Your help will be greatly appreciated, as this is beyond me.


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