Odd headphone-related freezing problem?

My system freezes several times a day, and it did the same back in Vista before I upgraded. I've finally found that most freezes occur within a few seconds after I plug in or unplug my headphones--but not every time I plug in or remove my headphones. Most of the support forums I've visited have said that that's ridiculous, but I'm hoping someone here knows how to help. I'm terrible with computers, so if you need additional information to troubleshoot this ask for it and I'll post it.

Thanks in advance.


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is it a usb headset or just the standard green jack ones

Standard jack. They're actually iPod earbuds, but I'm pretty sure this isn't my computer's petty revenge against me for using Apple products.


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yes this is very wierd I never heard of a computer crashing when you plu in headphones maybe USB headphones but definelty not the standard jack I would view the event viewer by hitting start and typing event viewer and viewing the crash errors under critical also check the other logs in there


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someone please answer this, this is the first other person i've encountered with the same problem...its only a little different...it never occurs when i unplug the headphones, but almost everytime i try to plug in my headphones, it freezes and forces me to hold the power button. i can still see the screen, but i can't do anything, and nothing happens when i unplug them either. this is really a problem for me, because it'll happen in important places like when im at school, cuz i go to college, so i'll need my computer, but ill try to listen to music, then it ****s me, then i have to wait for it to start up, which takes a long time now because i have so much stuff on it (in need of a hard reset, kinda badly) but anyway i have no answer for this and i really want to get rid of this problem, becuase i almost always forget about the headphone problem, cuz im just used to it.

i have an asus eee 1005ha-p with windows 7 professional, please help me.

Actually, I solved the problem last week. I seriously sat there, went through all my computer's drivers, and patched each one individually. It was a pain, but I was in class and had nothing better to do. Haven't had the issue since.

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