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I have Windows 7 and as of two weeks ago when I upload a file all of the bandwidth goes to that, I cannot view a simple webpage in any other browser program, perform multiple uploads, use FTP, check my email, my streaming Netflix is also affected that route through my U.S. Robotics router to connect to my T.V. by a net connectable Blueray player , etc., I am just stuck waiting for the upload to finish before I can do anything. Also last week I started getting some Code 10 driver error I did a search on it and found that it was recommended to just uninstall the driver so that is was I did. I do no recall what it was called.

To also note I use a KillerNIC on this PC, all wired to that same router, and use AT&T Pro DSL.
I have never had this issue before, but I administer several Websites and move a lot of large media files so this is causing me a large loss in time.

What settings need to be changed or checked, and/or files, drivers, etc, do I need to uninstall and how do I reinstall those to get things back to normal? Thank you.


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Have you tried doing a system restore that was prior to downloading the file. If not, I would try that first. If that doesn't work, I am sure someone will be able to help solve this problem. My knowledge is limited on this type of thing.


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Not sure if I can help much on this particular issue but depending on the US Robotics model name and number and revision number, you may want to check into the documentation regarding settings for QoS (Quality of Service), often you can set and or adjust priority and precedence by configuring classification rules.
You may also want to use something like Microsoft's Network Monitor to capture traffic during these episodes so you can make sure exactly what activity is causing the issue.
Do you have multiple machines on the network and when the problem is present does it have any impact on the other network nodes and their ability to perform normal network tasks? If so the problem is likely at the router. However if the problem is only at your local machine then make sure that you are correctly diagnosing the problem. Are you sure it is only affecting network tasks when it occurs? Can you fire up locally installed programs like word or excel, can you play solitare or draw a picture in paint? The reason I ask is because sometimes over zealous SPI firewalls can bottleneck the whole system while inspecting every single piece of traffic that comes and goes seriously impacting overall system performance (CPU(s), memory and hard disk IOs)


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Additionally make sure that you are using the latest drivers for your Killer NIC from Bigfoot and that the Windows Update Utility didn't slip in a problematic driver. I see this card comes with it's own set of software including firewall and bandwidth control so you may have to investigate that documentation as well. You may have too many products trying to do or doing the same thing QoS at your router and maybe SPI firewall, your NIC's software package doing something similiar, Windows own firewall product, combine all that with an Internet Security Suite that may also include a firewall like applet as well as a scanner looking at both incoming and outgoing files, if within the timeframe you've addressed above you have installed, updated/upgraded any of these products you might consider starting there.

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