Odd run problem looking for structured solution

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by dreuzel, Mar 31, 2012.

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    I run a program (it happend to be Eclipse ide) for months now and all of a sudden it
    just returns, a veriy quick hard to see icon and it stops.....
    After verifying SDK (needed for Eclipse) I decided to reinstall the application(Complete Erase).....
    Same behaviour.... (other old programs seem to run ok...)
    Whatever I do I can not get it to run... installing the same thing on an other computer
    offers no problem at all..

    Is there a structured way to find out what happens, standard error message ???
    I did try to run it in DOS same respondse just returns .....
    run as administrator.... all seems to fail no message ....

    It could be thousand of things i agree... but is there a structured way to narrow th scope of the problem....

    any ideas welcome
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    I'd try doing another full uninstall then run a registry cleanup to try and remove any leftovers. I'd also do a manual search for any remaining registry entries of "eclipse" and do a similar search of the system drive for any files or folders relating to eclipse. The try reinstalling, running the install program as admin.

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