Odd Situation: Sending a text file directly to a Networked printer Formating issue?

First off, hello everyone! Thank you for reading my first post. :D
The place I worked at runs heavily on batch file. Its crazy. I have never seen a setup like this before.
Anyway, we have an in house program made in magic that sends labels to a dot matrix printer via a batch file. This has been working for years just fine under Windows XP. However, it’s a little messed up now that we have moved to Windows 7 on some workstations.
What is supposed to happen is a pre-formatted text file was being sent to printers using the net use command in windows XP the format of the label is something like this:
Customer Name
Customer Address
City, State, Zip

The command goes something like this:
net use lpt3: /delete
net use lpt3: "\\printserver\printer name"
COPY F:\directory\filename.txt lpt3:

It would be printed on a roll of labels that is fed into a narrow matix printer. No problems.

Now we move to Windows 7. I created a batch file that uses the print command like this:

Print /d: “\\printerserver\printer name” F:\directory\filename.txt

It sends the job fine but what happens is that after the label is printed, the printer will advance about 5 more labels on the printer roll before it prints the next label and even then, it doesn’t print on the label correctly. Only the first initial label works as intended.
I looked to see if there were carriage returns in the text doc but didn’t see any.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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