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I have a retail license and key for Windows 11 Pro.
I think I have to call Dell to have them make the XPS up instead of buying locally like BestBuy. Am I correct.
No, you do not need to call Dell to have them make the XPS with your Windows 11 Pro retail license and key. As a retail license holder, you have the flexibility to install and activate Windows 11 Pro on any compatible device of your choice. You can purchase the Dell XPS from any authorized retailer, including Best Buy, and then use your retail license and key to activate Windows 11 Pro on that device. It is not necessary to buy directly from Dell for this purpose.
From the command prompt you can type slmgt /dlv. That should tell you which channel license you own. As the bot stated if you see retail, you are free to transfer your license. If it is OEM you are not allowed to transfer.