Office 2007 on Windows 7

I read through all the threads about installing Office 2007 on Windows 7 but could not find answer for my problem. Hence posting here. I tried installing Office 2007 that I used on my XP, Vista Home versions on the RC edition of Windows 7 but it doesnt install. The installation progresses to the stage where it asks for the location of file After I provide the locaiton it gives a message "Invalid Location" and from then on the installation does not progress.... Any suggestions to solve this problem please...


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When you locate the is it in the box to select it?

Yes... its available there .... but somehow the installer doesnt seem to see it !!!!


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What is the exact error message you receive?

Are you installing from a CD or Hard drive? If CD, you might have some errors on the media. Try to clean it with a cloth and retry install.

I thought as much that the media might not be readable... so i copied it onto harddrive and checked.... still does not read the file... i have taken screenshots of the error messages... how do i post them here ???


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Down below the box to post in, you see a Manage Attachments button.

ok.. here you go :) attached images are the messages i get... first it asks for the location of the cabinet file and then after i give the correct location ... i get the stupid invalid location message and it becomes recursive from there... if i cancel the operation.. .then the installation gets cancelled...


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You're accessing the wrong directory.

The file has to be shown in the box, not the directory.

Well.. it asks for location... not the exact file... i mean it wants the folder name as input... not the file... and i give it the folder name...


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No, you need the exact file name.

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