office 2007 Technical Preview!

hey guys i just got home and found an interesting email in my inbox telling me that i can download the 2010 tech preview heres most of the email

Welcome! We are pleased to invite you into the Technical Preview program to be among the first people in the world to experience Microsoft® Office 2010.
The following link will bring you to Microsoft Connect, where you will find downloads available for early, pre-release versions of Microsoft Office 2010 products. You will also find product information and have the chance to participate in newsgroups to engage with our product teams and other program participants. Please note that there is no technical support offered for this program.
To get started, please click on the link below. This is a one-time-use only url associated with this e-mail address, so it cannot be shared with others to join the program. This will bring you to the Connect site where you will need to sign in with your Windows Live ID account. If you do not have a Windows Live ID, you can create one from the Connect site.
Your ticket to the Technical Preview:

Accept the Invitation
or copy the following URL and paste it into your Web browser's address bar:
http://xxxxxxxx.xxxxx/xxxxx/xxxx/xxxxx (oops didnt mean that to be a link)

Thank you for your participation!
The Microsoft Office team
you get given a key to office 2010 pro both 64 and 32bit
as well as alot of other office 2010 programs like visio

and here are the upgrade info:


The Office client upgrade scenarios are as follows:
  • A 32-bit 2007 Office system installation can be upgraded to 32-bit Office 2010.
  • A 2007 Office system running on a 64-bit Windows operating system cannot be upgraded to 64-bit Office 2010.
and the rest is straight foward it downloads in microsoft's file transfer manger and pro is 535.9mb

sorry if this is old or anything oh and the email came from microsoft connect

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Man, the only one I got into was the Click 2 Run Office 2010 beta. It installs over the web and includes Excel, OneNote, Outlook, Powerpoint and Word in a virtual environment . The only thing I don't like about it is I can't pin the icons to the taskbar.


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Office 2010

I got the identical email today also. (Identical to Jedixo) I am downloading at this moment. I am excited to see if Visio and Publisher has been made any easier to maneuver around in. I don't have much hope for Word. I understand that the infamous ribbon, while somewhat modified, is still prominent.

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Shoud n't this thread be in the infamous Water cooler or general. It has little to do with Windoes 7?

Didn't get an email :(

Bleh, my pirates at the bay will have it up for me in a short, short while :)

oops sorry about the 2007 part guys. i would change it if i knew how to.

unfortunatly it doesn't activate so it only lasts 30 days. :9(

up to now i have not downloaded a full version of that

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