office 2007 ultimate

I found this site the hard way late last Friday night. The wife is finishing up her bachelors degree online with UNCW. While doing one of her many assignments, one of the instructors required that she used MS Publisher to submit her work in with. She come running to me explaining what happened. I was flabbergasted, there goes $500 to $ 700 for full versions of the office program. So I went looking online to find the cheapest way out. I went straight to MS office web site and this was just staring me in the face. The Ulitmatesteal for $59.95. So I clicked on it and went through the form. Come to find out the only way you can get this deal is if you have an email address with the suffix .edu to qualify. There are some other ways but this is the fastest way. So with her email address w/UNCW she qualified and added it to the check out basket then got the backup DVD and the 2/3 year redownload if any issues or crashes occured. So all said and done I left the site paying less than $80 for Office Ultimate 2007 and she finished her assignment and turned it in on time. So for any of you future students and teachers out there, this is for you. If you don't have office 2007 or have office 2007 and looking to upgrade here is a sweet deal. This is good for up to 3 PC's installs.

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