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Hi :),
I have Office 2010 pro on win 7 64 bit. In Outlook when I click the larger Send and Receive mail button in the ribbon nothing happens. I have to navigate into the collapsed menu and click it there. Just wondering if it's just me - LOL :D!!! I'm really good at generating an end user error :redface: !!!
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Sometimes I've found that a single click on the Ribbon Items only recovers focus for the actual application (Outlook in this case) try a second click or try using the Send/Receive All button or perhaps the F9 key and see if that produces any better results. Again in order for this to work properly the Outlook Window must be the active window to except the click or F9 Key input (has focus).
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Hi Randy :),
It WAS an end user error - LOL :)!!! Somehow the tick box next to "Include this group in Send Receive F9" had become unchecked - LOL - Oh the joys of setting up a new computer :)!!! Thanks again :)! You deserve a medal in my opinion :)! OT - I'm going to swap out the Security Suites later today to see if this fixes my other problem. I just had to get some correspondence done first though. My husband sends his regards and thanks too!!! He was tired of having to use my computer to do his work at home! I hope you are having a lovely day! You sure make mine so much easier and nicer :)!!!
Best Regards Melissa Rose


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Excellent news. So glad to hear that you were able to resolve your issue. Good work and nice find.
You're of course very welcome, (your husband as well) no medals or awards necessary. Your kind words and thanks is exactly why all of us here at Windows 7 Forums do what we do. Often we learn as much if not more by helping other members so the benefits of that interactions is often a two way street. Plus it helps my aging brain stay alert and reasonably healthy.
Best wishes

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