Windows 7 Office 2010 Technical preview already out in the wild


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Hi all
I don't know whats up with MS these days but stuff leaks out of there at the moment faster than water rushing in to the Titanic after hitting the 'berg.

If you need to get a piece of news around the world quickly forget about Radio and TV - just pass it around some Microsoft Laboratories. :razz:

It doesn't need keys (yet) and it will come up with the "activation" message if you set your computer (BIOS) date today + 30. Still doesn't stop working however.

You can't at the moment activate in any case -- even the "non leaked" versions.

Both x-86 and x-64 versions are "Out in the wild".

Has these extra apps in it.
Visio 2010
Project 2010
Sharepoint designer
Infopath designer 2010
Infopath editor 2010
Publisher 2010 (this was also in the Enterprise edition of Office 2007)

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