Windows 7 Office 2010 Technical Preview, due in July


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Jan 16, 2009
Microsoft has opened the sign-up pages for the Office 2010 Technical Preview, which will be hitting a PC near you sometime in July this year.

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Office 2010 will be coming in both 32-bit and 64-bit variations, which is the first edition of the suite to do so, and will be available on Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista and Windows 7 this summer.

Thanks! I signed up, looking forward to seeing it. I still haven't installed my exchange 2010 beta yet though, haven't had time. :(

Thanks! Signed up. Ive been wondering when a new Office was coming out.

For any of the IT guys Exchange 2010 beta is already out: Link Removed

I've got it downloaded but haven't installed it yet.

Hi all

Actually I think Office 2010 is a DREADFUL product -- Bland looking and too much based on Web Browser type of functionality.

OK it works in 64 bit mode but what's the point of upgrading from Office 2007 anyway -- typical office apps don't find any limitation in the size of a spreadsheet (was a problem in Office 2003) and you can save now in a universal XML format as well.

I think Office 2010 will be the "VISTA" equivalent of Office -- totally pointless for businesses to upgrade to it and over priced.

I LIKE office 2007 -- no way am I even THINKING of changing for a good long time yet . I can't see businesses rushing for this one -- typical "Officy" stuff still even works quite nicely with Office 2000 believe it or not (although you DO get the spread sheet size limitation and can't save in XML format).

Wrong product at the wrong time MS -- If you need to go all "WEB" try and embrace "The Cloud" and charge for these services to businesses.

Our users will be looking at W7 long long before even thinking of using Office 2010. We still have a load of IMPORTANT apps that only work on XP -- we won't change those for maybe 2 or 3 years yet (There's no VISTA or W7 equivalent so we'll need to switch over to something 100% new -- and if you've ever been in a reasonably sized business this isn't a task that's undertaken lightly).

The XP compatability mode will help our W7 switchover - but Office 2010 -- big THUMBS DOWN.


Jimbo, how did you get the Office 2010 preview already? It said it's not coming out until July.

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At a Presentation Preview (Pre sales for Software update planning)


Jimbo, if the preview isn't coming out for another two months, then I highly doubt MS is anywhere near close to being done, or at least as far as they are in Windows 7. A lot of things are probably going to change and improve, and if MS is on the right track with this as they have been with Windows 7, I'm not worried at all.