[Office Infopath 2013] how to start as Designer instead of Filler from the .exe?


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You guys probbaly heard of oblytile the custom tile maker for win 8.

It has an option to convert shortcuts to tiles but its not detecting most of my shortcuts.I know you can manually choose the program path but it doesnt work when different shortcuts share the same .exe .

For example the Office Infopath 2013 is in fact 2 programs : InfoPath Filler and InfoPath Designer and Indeed ther are 2 shortcuts.But they are not detected by Oplytile so I have to point the program path to the Infopath.exe. The problem is that the tile created opens the Infopath Filler and not Designer which I inted to use more often.

So how should I proceeed in order to add to oblytile shortcuts list the above programs or maybe there is a way to make the Infopath.exe to open the Designer instead the Filler?


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Make new shortcut and name it InfoPath Designer 2013. Open properties for shortcut and under target ad /design. Make shure that you have one space between ........OPATH.EXE" and /design. Like this ........OPATH.EXE" /design. ;)
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If what you were doing involves the creation of forms, it's better to move to a better solution now that Microsoft has discontinued it.
AppForms can serve as a replacement for InfoPath, with more features and lesser cost.