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Every time I open mail [MS Outlook?] I get a popup to enter my registeration key for Office. I entered the same 25 character key I used for Windows 7, but get a message that it is invalid. I have no intention of using Office. I just want this popup to go away. It takes three clicks to get out of it and it's becoming annoying. Does anyone have any idea of how to eliminate it?



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Microsoft Office requires it's own product key. You're going to have to pay for it to get one. If you don't want to do that get "Windows Live Mail". It's free.

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You must have a pre-loaded OEM w/ a MS Ofice Trial bundled. Since you say you have no plan to ever use Office :)eek:)...

> Programs & Features. I would think it should be listed there. Uninstall it. Will definately put an end to the 'pop-up'.


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Thanks Drew. I thought I had already done that, but there must have been two entries and I missed one. This time when I uninstalled Office, it took my mail program with it, so I must have been using an Office program. Anyway, I downloaded Windows Live Mail and installed it.

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