Officially moved to Windows 7, I need to delete my XP partition

Here is a screenshot of EASEUS partitioner:

I need to get rid of the XP partition (D, primary), I did the following:

I removed XP using Gparted live boot disc.
It wouldnt boot into 7.
I ran the Startup recovery from the setup installation disc for W7.
Now everything boots fine but the XP partition was also restored.
So after all that, nothing has changed.

I think the problem is that W7 is in the extended partition.

Can I remove the XP partition and make the 7 partition bigger?

how come you have two partitions? When I upgraded from XP to W7, the procedure renamed my Windows folder to Windows.old (trying to delete it is another story).

I wasn't sure whether I wanted to use 7 as my main operating system so I created a separate partition and dual booted.

So, you have to remove the dual boot before removing the XP partition. As you noticed, the W7 Emergency CD checks all bootable OS on your disk, then saves them, then restores them "as is". Remove the dual boot first.

Joe S

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I'm not sure what to do but I think the problem is that your boot file is in XP. I think if you type msconfig in run and look on the boot tab I think you have change or delete something. I'm not sure I don't dual boot any more. I found this I found this video but it's a bit complex involving command prompt Video: Remove Windows XP from a dual-boot configuration with Windows 7 | TR Dojo | .

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