Offline Files Sync Error with Recycle Bin

Hi All

I appear to have an issue with Offline files. I have a redirected Start Menu and Desktop so that users get the same interface as if they were online at work. This is an AD domain environment using GPO for all settings detailed below.

Before I try the below error testing, you should know that I have already flushed the CSC cache in the usual way. I also have Encrypt Offline Files cache GPO on. I have turned this off for testing, but still the error occurs.

User A logs on to the client (Windows 7) lapop and all offline files sync correctly. I can turn off all networking and log onto the machine as if the user was at home. I have a usable desktop and start menu.

So far so good....

User B logs onto the same laptop and syncs offline files, but this time, it errors with the following;

Desktop.ini (\\SERVERNAME\SHARE\PROGRAMS\$Recycle.bin) - Incorrect Function.

If I clear the offline folders cache again and log back in as User B, the error is gone and offline files sync and all is well again.

If I then log back in as User A, who originally had no sysnc errors, the I receive the same error;

Desktop.ini (\\SERVERNAME\SHARE\PROGRAMS\$Recycle.bin) - Incorrect Function.

So it appears whomever is the first user to log onto the laptop will never have an issue. Everyone else after does, apparently with the same error. This would be fairly OK if the same user was ALWAYS the on person to use the device, but we do have several multi user laptops which they take home and use.

When I delete a file either online or offline, it does no go into the Recycle Bin, but the bin is on the desktop. There is a hidden desktop.ini and Recycle bin on the shared desktop folder on the server (The desktop that everyone gets redirected to).

Can anyone tell me what is going wrong here please and how to resolve?

Many Thanks

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