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After fixing a error problem and one other I went to a windows page and it showed how to speed up my computer , yes it did that , and I thought It was then going to be be smooth sailing for a while

Doing all this speed up process I must have done sothing incorrect as now a lot of programs just wont start at all

some are on a hard drive others on a dvd this is real crazy as all did run withount a problem
even a new program wont install after its unpacked to the hard drive ..from a exe start file it does nothing at all

OK what have I done ????

1. Do you have a backup per chance?
2. What did you change to speed up your computer?
3. What are your equipment Specs?


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the problem is I changed almost every thing on the windows service page
I dont want to revert as the benifts are great excet this one and a new boot problem see my last thread
it loost like a little knowledge is dangerous :)
thank god its not all programs the dont run

also I removed office and now it wont go back in it gets half way installed and a message comes up cant find the start up exe, file , thats nuts as it starts with that to install


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I think you might be best off running a system restore and give yourself a clean start taking you back to some date before you made all the changes. After that you can try the changes again but it's best to do them one at a time and then see if it's ok before making another change - avoids this problem of things going wrong and because so many changes were made at once it's hard to identify which one caused the problem.

It's really easy to mess things up, when you do things like registry tweaks, or shutting down services, changing windows settings, etc. *
Personally, I've taken all the speed up tweaks and things like that and (very carefully) written them into batch files and registry scripts,
that I can run on any PC with NO worry about screwing it up.
I just did another computer today and just about doubled it's speed, along with taking out thousands of junk files, removing a serious Trojan, one Virus and over 30 pieces of Spyware. (My Web Search, was the worse!)

Just a thought....

* System Restore is always your first line of defense, against a Windows Update or some new piece of software mucking things up. Why some folks shut off that valuable app, is way beyond my understanding. I rely on my own System Restore so much, that I put a little .reg script in my Startup folder to force a new restore point every time I reboot my PC. I need to do a System Restore about once a week to fix some little problem or another.
I share that script with all my customers, so I have something to work with if they call me out to fix their PC.

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many thanks still playing with it for the time , but can do a restore if all else fails , i like finding how to fix as well as stuff up :0
the one I cant get any scence out of is the office

I removed an old copy so so as to install a clean new updated version ..
using the disc in the drive ... selecting the start .exe file it loads up the office and lets one select what sections one wants from the list
it then start to install the programs on the hard drive ........ part way through it stops and a small screen aske for the start.exe file again
the file cant be located within the screen it just doen not show up even though its on the disc. so the program gets terminated

its driving me nuts howw to correct this , I tried under administrator and even saying it was a vista prigram , or theold xp , nothing changed


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