OK people i srsly need help

Alright i have a new new laptop and everything trust me the specs are more than good enough for win 7

im running win 7 64bit

i was on utorrent and my whole laptop froze, nothing i could do, i had to hold the power button to power down
then when i turned my pc back up after a couple of minutes it never got passed the starting windows screen
i see the four little balls moving around and forming the windows sign but then nothing
then i tried booting in safe mode and that worked for a while i deleted everything that had to do with what i was doing on utorrent and i ran my anti-viruses, avast and AVG defender and they came up with nothing
after a while i couldnt even get to safe mode
i went in my bios and i changed my boot order so that my hdd is my first choice because it kept searching for cds and didnt find any because big surprise no cd in the drive
and i accidentaly turned off fast boot i dont kno what i was doing there but what ever
and finally now it shows my options before boot
but when ever i press any of them it takes me to a black screen that tallies up the amount of physical memory i have
and a couple more of my pc's specs
then it sends me to a screen that is like white and change to like a bar of black
ive tried lettin that run for a while and it wont do anything
i need to bypass this or get some trick to get me back into windows




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If you have a new laptop it might still be under warranty i would check on that also did you try to do a startup repair i believe you hit F8 then you go do the bottom and there should be a option for startup repair or windows recovery

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re re status repair

i cant even boot off a cd becuz my hdd is first in my boot order but thx man

Update on the situation

alright now its a laptop i forgot to mention that but it shouldnt matter all that much
point is i opened it up and i tried booting up with my hard drive disconnected and it gave me the same thing
a screen that starts white and then changes form and color and then stays like that
so i am thinking it has nothing to do with my hard drive

so please someone i really really need to get my laptop working

thanks in advance

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