Windows 7 Ok So what exactly does upgrading do?


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I want to upgrade from my current build to 7057, will this wipe the files/programs I've installed, or does it just install over this build keeps all that stuff?
It won't do any harm to any of your programms.Everything will stay as it is.It will just upgrade windows files,tho upgrade takes quite a lot of time.
Although upgrading CAN be a good, I still say clean install is the way to go.. ESPECIALLY when your going from one BETA build to another BETA build.. by doing a clean install rather than an upgrade it gives you more of a gaurantee that you won't run into problems... Not to mention a clean install of Windows 7 SHOULD only take about 18-20 minutes on fairly modern hardware.. whereas an upgrade can take 25-45 minutes.. ;) To each his own of course.. this is just a suggestion... By doing the clean install you will have to reinstall all your apps but hey that's the price ya pay to have a fresh install (which as I stated is the better way to go anyway in my opinion)...

If you don't mind my asking, why would you want to upgrade to another daily/interim build? I'd suggest just waiting for the RC to be released, there aren't any drastic changes from build 7000 to 7057 to be honest, and it's not like using a daily build is going to give you some kind of edge over those using build 7000... In my opinion it's more hassle than it's worth to keep upgrading/clean installing all these daily builds.. ;) Windows 7 Build 7000 is what all beta testers should be using.. as the daily builds aren't ment to be released to the public and aren't ment to be picked apart either... ;)

I am currently using build 7000 32 bit and 64 bit and although I would like to try all the builds after 7000 I haven't simply because like I said before, there's really no point.. if the build you have installed now works fine than why mess with it and upgrade to a daily build instead of waiting for the RC?..