Old flatbed scanners not working


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I have an old Microtek scannmaker X6EL that refused to work "twain error" the driver appeared to be fine just refused to scan through any programs.

I found this program VueScan that worked prefectly. This program is not free but beats buying a new scanner. You can use the program to test for free but until you purchase it puts a watermark on scanned images.

If anyone has a better solution I would be interested.

Still can't get it to work with fax & scan although it shows up as working in device manager fax & scan say no scanner attached.

Thanks and hope this helps.


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I will atest that some do. Infact, I think I used XP drivers in Vista. No I can't find them now, and it doens't mean they will in 7. But worth a try.


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Well that driver provided partial success I can get it to work with Photoshop and the standalone utility, but still no luck with Fax & Scan. It just does not see the scanner at all.

I'll probably either buy a new scanner or a new printer with a scanner if I decide to say with WIN7.

You help is appreciated.

Thank you


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No I thought about that but I just rebuilt but only went with the Intel Q8200 quad core.

Thanks for the idea, not a big deal a this point as long as I have it working for applications the ability to scan from fax & scan is not a big deal at this point.