Old HDD and new HDD issues.

Hi Guys.

First off I'm new here, and wanted to say How do.

On to my issue...

I have a frustrating issue with my pc.

It recently after a switch off by the power button (mums ey) broke.

Asin broke I mean no longer works as quickly as previously and is unbearably slow. As on my profile I have a reasonable pc a q6600 and 4gig of ram.

So I intend on completely starting a fresh with a new HDD but with my old product key. This key was an upgrade key from vista to 7 and was hoping for some concrete advice on whether or not I can re use this key on my new HDD with a borrowed windows pro disc?

Many thanks in advance, ddko619


Senior Member
You should not have any problem activating from your old key. If you have a problem, a simple call to MS will quickly resolve the problem. MS is very good with this, but in your case I do not think the call will be necessary at all.

Many thanks both of you for the help. Unfortunately I purchased the upgrade as a student and opted not for the DVD! Such a noob mistake looking back. So I have contacted MS who will be calling back shortly to complete the activation process! Many thanks again for your information.


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