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While the new address bar is truly unique, I am finding it a bit annoying. I would like to just keep the old style address bar that I found in previous windows. However, I've not found a way to do this yet.

So, what I am hoping is that one of you high tech'ed gurus and geeks will help me find it! :)


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Perhaps you could explain your dilemma a little. What do you find annoying? Presumably this is linked with the "unique" features?

Simple... I like the old style Windows Explorer address bar, not this fancy clicky do-dad.

c:\Windows\System32 <--That style is what I want.

Now, I know I can type it in, but eh... I like the old style better.


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Ah. Windows Explorer. Do you mean the little arrows should be replaced by the old obliques? I don't think that can be done.

This is mine by default.
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If you do double click on it it will show you the full path.. there is probably a way to disable the new functionality by hitting alt and going to Folder Options

I could not find an option anywhere to turn off the button styled address bar.

And no, I don't mean to change the arrows.

I'm just looking for the old style address bar.


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Could you show a picture of what you mean. I am lost. Maybe Mike is on to it?

Just look at any Windows XP Machine's Windows Explorer address bar. :)

Or, even better... Just look at an address bar of any web browser.

I typed this into IE: c:\windows\system32 and it opened explorer up into that folder.


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Then it is the small arrows which you don't like??

I think I am still on the wrong trail here, but if you right click the Address bar, and select edit. (or press ALT D), you can type in the folder or subfolder you want, in the "old" style.

Again... NOPE!

It's NOT the arrows... I don't like the address bar at all. I like the old style address bar. It looks EXACTLY like the address bar in Internet Explorer is what I am wanting.

*shakes her head and wonders how many different ways she can explain it*

You do remember the regular old style address bar in Windows Explorer?


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I think we need some visuals for this.

The second graphic... The one for XP is what I'm wanting!


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Can you explain what specifically you like?

Is it the File menu?
The location of the back and forward buttons?
The actual address bar where you type the location?
The go button?
The visual theme of the whole thing?

I'm sorry, but I'm just not sure what you want to be different. :confused:

The actual address bar where you type in the location.


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So do you not like it when you click to edit some text in the address bar and it accidentally takes you somewhere?

I like seeing the dos style over the fancy-clickity-click type of address bar.


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You can get it like the attachment if you switch to Windows 7 Classic Theme. But, I think your beef is more about the down arrows next to each of the locations in the address bar...correct? Am I close?

-> Computer -> Local Disk (C:\) -> Bonus Themes -> MCT-AU

You would much rather have it be like:
C:\Bonus Themes\MCT-AU

Am I close??


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FYI - Sounds like that "feature" is called breadcrumbs.


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Maybe check this out...sounds promising.

Disable Explorer Breadcrumbs in Windows Vista :: the How-To Geek

Edit: I couldn't get this to work, but if you could...awesome!!

I think the best solution is the ALT-D solution that RAK posted. I tried TechNet and Google and I couldn't find any way to disable that feature. Alternatively, you can also click on the icon on the way left side of the address bar to make the address editable.

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Some people are so simple. I completly understand what you mean about the address bar. I feel as though I have no control over anthing.

On my copy of windows 7 I can get around this by pressing Alt + D or by clicking somewhere other than on the text or arrown in the address bar. But you have to do this every time you want to see it.

It took me a while to work this out to. The feature is called Breadcrumbs and is really annoying. I can't belive no-one knew what you were talking about.

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