Older games.

I recently redownloaded Sins of a Solar Empire. It won't work on my laptop. I heard there is software or something you can get/do to get older games to work on Windows 7. Is it true? If so can you provide a link?


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Thanks :D But Sins of a solar empire doesn't word :( The screen remains black and I hit the space bar and it says it stopped working :( I use Windows 7 32 Bit. I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 with 2 GB of RAM if that helps any.


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This can be because of installed mods and\or firewalls. First maybe try the "how to play old games" stuff from my previous post and you can also see solutions to black screen with your particular game here:

and here:

Thanks :) I do have addons for world of warcraft. Might be that.

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