On my new laptop can i install windows 7?


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Hello guys,,
I have a lenovo Y520 device, originally came with windows 10. Can i install windows 7? What are the problems I might face?
Have any body here tried it before, if there are any guides of doing it properly please provide the link showbox.bio/ tutuapp.uno/ https://vidmate.cool/.
Thanks a lot
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Can you, no probably not and you really shouldn't even if you could. There are no security updates for Windows 7 anymore nor is software going to support it going forward.

Also Windows 7 doesn't support anything newer than a gen 6 Intel CPU. That laptop is gen 7 so it's very unlikely to work.


Do not do it. I repeat, Do not do it.
Windows 7 is not supported anymore.
You would not get security updates for it and Apps on Windows 7 will start becoming incompatible with your desktop.
Instead use Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.
I do not know whether the newer Chips support Windows or not.

You would have a tough time if you install Windows 7 on a newer PC.


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have both.make space on hdd.need updates though.should you really want it.dual booting might work should you want to keep hold of your old system.double check updates though as it might affect the os you have.ie win10 win7 dual boot.