Onboard Lan Fail after 7/20 critical update.

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by mdavis0821, Jul 24, 2009.

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    On July 20th I updated RC7100 with the latest critical update. Upon a reboot my PC no longer sees the network and continues a loop of trying to troubleshoot the LAN connection and identifying the network.

    The System Restore will not restore to any previous date. The generic nvidia ethernet drivers will not uninstall. The Vista 64 drivers from the motherboard manufacturing site will not install as windows gives the "We have picked the best driver for this hardware" notice.

    If I can expect a previously working piece of hardware to fail after a critical update then I am not so sure I want to use this new lean and slim and now unfunctional OS.

    My Specs:
    Asus M3N78-VM Socket AM2+ (North Bridge NVIDIA GeForce 8200 which includes the Realtek 8211CL gigabit ethernet controller)
    AMD Phenom X2 64 5200
    8 GB Corsair Dominator (4x2GB)
    3 x 1TB Samsung drives
    Creative X-fi Extreme Sound
    Nvida Gforce 250 1 GB DDR3

    There are currently no drivers for the chipset via Asus other than Vista64 which I have tired to install (see above).

    Anyone else experiencing LAN issues after last update? Any Solutions? I have isolated the issue and this is not my network configuration as I have Win7-64bit-RC on 2 other machines with different MB's and all are running as expected.

    Thank you
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    Microsoft does have an official Windows 7 RC Support Forum located here Windows 7 Category . It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams. You may want to check the threads there for addtional support.
    Microsoft Windows Client Team

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