Once initial language is selected on install, can it be changed later? Windows Home Premium.


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I have purchased a brand new laptop with an OEM Windows 7 Home Premium. On the first boot it runs that wizard asking you to select locale etc.

After doing some research I see that supposedly only Win7 Ultimate will allow multiple languages which is confusing since Home Premium is allowing me to select one.

My questions are...

1) If I select a language on this first time boot wizard, once it configures/installs can I change it to another selection at a later? If the answer is "No" then...

2) ...if I re-install fresh from the accompanying rescue CD will I then be presented with the first time boot wizard again allowing to select the locale and thus changing it there?

I haven't decided if I want to run the box in English or Japanese yet but both options are available on the first time boot screen which I find very confusing since by all accounts Ultimate is teh only version that should allow this.


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I contacted Samsung customer service. It took them quite a long time to get me an answer but the short version is "Yes you can do it".

However it can only be executed if the PC is reset to it's factory state. That can't be done by the recovery media provided but by a tool that Samsung has online.

If anyone is interested I will gladly provide the url's but keep in mind they will be specific to the Samsung product.