Windows 10 One driver not working

I have the sabrent 1612 usb product (DisplayLInk) which allows me to use a extra monitor via USB. Worked fine until windows 10. Now the monitor gives me a no signal .
What's more, I have trouble un-installing the program .
I have the windows 10 driver.....When I tried to update the software I get " the older version of displaylink core sortware cannot be removed" . Called the company support , horrible support.



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We use this sparingly at work as this have a bad rap and yes sometimes something goes very very wrong during the uninstalling. I have managed to manually remove everything related to these adapters but it's not a fun process. You will to manually delete any drivers, the built in pnputil.exe program will work fine. You need to manually remove the service and registry keys that go with this it under HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\<Service Key> and you will want to remove the service out of ControlSet### these are your system restore(s). You will also need to find and delete and CLSIDs assoicated with the driver and software, also delete all the entries under HKLM\Software as well as clear out all the files.

I am a stock trader ........... it seems you have a handle of this, do you think a non tec person can learn how to remove it with out doing any real damage to the computor ?

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