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What’s the point of OneDrive? Why can’t it be a flexible as DropBox?
I really want to take advantage of the 1Tb upgrade that’s coming.
With drop box I down load an app in windows, iOS, OS whatever and I get a folder that is common to all machines. I upload or change and all users with permissions get notification.
I do the same with OneDrive and all it does is put a shortcut on my machine to folded created on my local HHD. Whats the point in that, it’s supposed to be a remote cloud drive, isn’t it?
OneDrive, I now discover, requires be to fart around with all the above.
The browser access to OneDrive shows my PCs but thats not a backup it’s a network. as soon as the PC closes or looses connection it disappears.
I just don’t get it?

I posted this as a comment on a MS Tech Support page some time ago and received no answer, so hello MS Forum.
I created my own reply which will appear next.


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Can I reply to my own comments? ! A tad incestuous but there you go.

I have sussed out the sync from problem. I view finder/file explore in details view. If you enlarge the icons there appears a tiny sub-icon indicating that there is a sync issue. An sync problem can also be seen by:
"• On a PC, right-click the OneDrive icon in the notification area, at the far right of the taskbar, and then click View sync problems.
• On a Mac, click the OneDrive status icon in the menu bar, and then click View Issues."

My problem was, I had created a duplicate file name but the problem was not immediately indicated.
I have created another folder in my OneDrive folder on my MacBook. It took around 10min to updated on An hour later I’m still waiting for it to show on my PCs file explore and yes I have refreshed it.
On the other hand, DropBox did it almost immediately and, by the way, without any need to refresh. Please see a screen shot from Finder, showing how integrated and easy to use DropBox is in Mas OS.


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