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Steven Ridley

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Dear Members,

Please help me. Earlier today I uninstalled OneDrive from my PC, forgetting that some very important files were still there. I have reinstalled OneDrive on the concerned PC, but none of the files were in my OneDrive Folder.
I believe they are still in the cloud (OneDrive), but I can not find them. As these are important files can I please get someone to help get them back or should I call Microsoft?
steven-ridley … welcome to windowsforum.

steve … as far as i understand, our forum is not affiliated with microsoft in any way. have you researched your issue with google? when i posted a query to google, on your behalf, the filter i typed was " uninstalled onedrive from pc … have the files been deleted? " … a number of hits appeared which may satisfy your concern.

some results seem directly related to win-10, steve … so, if you need win-7, this may not be an exact fit for your situation.

there should be others dropping in to this thread and will share their knowledge 'n experience … perhaps their resolutions may be more pertinent.

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OneDrive behaves quite a bit differently in W7 than it does in W10. Don't know if those fixes Jack gave you will work or not with your system, but it's worth trying.
I would recommend that you should first backup all your personal data on that computer to external media to avoid irretrievable data loss before proceeding!
In the case that neither of Jack's W10 repairs fix your problem and restore your missing files, you should then attempt a System Restore. Of course that assumes that at some point since you owned your computer, you went in and manually enabled it; in W7/W8x/W10 it comes from Microsoft as DISABLED. If you did enable it, you can attempt the System Restore and and see if it will put your OneDrive files back on your PC as they were. If so, you're set to go! :up:

If that fails, you have fewer options to pursue. You do need to be aware that W7 doesn't come with free support, so if the System Restore doesn't work, or you never had it enabled and working and you call Microsoft; don't be surprised if they charge you for assistance!o_O:cash:

Thought you should be aware.