I am not going to go into a lot of detail here, just want to suggest that if you have not used OneNote take a look at what all this very handy & capable product can do & offer you. It has heaps of, really, practical, everyday uses & applications. Comes in both APP & Desktop versions.

And, now, here's a wee anecdote for you to show just one little thing that makes it cool. Let's say you come upon an article in IE that has great photos in amongst the text. You want to share the article w/ a friend. You could > File > Send > Page by E-mail... the E-mail will not have the photos. BUT, instead, > Tools > Send to OneNote. When it is put into OneNote the great photos will be there, too. Then all you have to do is > Share, select E-mail & send the whole article, including its photos!

Anyway, it is super useful. Oh, yeah and it's FREE, too. Check out all the helpful ways you can make use of OneNote.


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