Online Call Conference & Collaboration like


I'm looking for a software or service for online call conferencing and collaboration with the microphone (and possibly webcam) that will allow either to have screen capture that will broadcast to other members or a live view of a Microsoft Office PowerPoint or Word document.

I'm looking to edit documents, practice PowerPoint presentations with call conference and to chat with up to 15 people.

Similar to Adobe's or Microsoft's SharePoint (too complicated to setup).

Basically it should have:
  • Call Conferencing
  • PowerPoint or Word Collaboration
    • Live viewing of PPT slides
    • Updated versions of Document
  • Upload/Download large files.

I have a website with hosting on HostGator. Maybe there is a software that I can install on my web space?

The reason I don't want to use SharePoint it is because I don't know how to use it and it cost money to setup a SharePoint server.

I like the Google Docs functionality where you can have multiple users logged in and edit documents online, but I don't think it works with PowerPoint. is great, but it's way too expensive and out of our budget.

I'm really looking for a freeware or free service, but I'll consider all options. : )

Thanks so much in advance!

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