Only visible in Explorer--Network Somtimes..why?

Two computers are windows 7. One is windows XP. I am not running a HomeGroup. I didn't like how it shared the C:\Users folder by default.

From computer A( the problem one) I can sometimes see the other machines on the network. For example, if I was to map a drive to another machine or just access it via the address bar then it displays under Network in windows explorer.

The other windows 7 sees all machines fine. Even my ipod touch.

On computer A & B I have confirmed I have confirmed I have selected Turn Network discovery "On".

Not sure what the problem could be. Any idea?


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Would you do me a favor and check the event log on the problem machine (actually on all of them ultimately) see if you see any problems regarding Browser Elections, Check windows logs->system-> then filter current log for errors, warning, information and select BROWSER from source drop down. Just to see if any of the times will coincide with the comings and goings of the machine from the network list.
We see this sometime with XP machines combined with Win7 machines, seem to argue over who's the master browser and who maintains a server list and it seems that during this time the netbios information isn't propagate properly or maybe at all.
There is a registry setting for MaintainServerList as well as for IsDomainMaster, you can probably get that info on google, but I would suggest just either resolve the issue with static IP addresses for the machines on your network coupled with an lmhosts file on all machine associating the proper netbios names with the correct ip address or else just keep using the UNC path as you've been doing. Good luck

Figured it out. THe service Function Discovery Resource Publication was not running.


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Excellent, glad you were able to resolve your issue and thanks for posting back with the solution.

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