Open or close Internet explorer causes a black screen

Hey Guys, May just be a stupid problem but is rather agravating. Just installed win 7 on my PC upgraded from Vista. Vista ran pretty good but was slow and tempermental every once in a while. After fighting back and forth to get all my drivers, bluetooth keyboard working and such I just encountered this problem with Internet exploer. When I open Internet explorer my screens go black like they are readjusting resolution sometimes twice and then explorer opens. Same thing when i close it. Very strange in that it is the only program that does this. I thought maybe the beta version 9 was the cause but i put it back to 8 and same thing. This is the only program that does it and i've tried opening it in both monitors or at different sizes and can't seem to find out what is happening. Doesn't seem to effect anything just very annoying. So far besides a mishap with my bluetooth keyboard which is now fixed, everything seems to run like a champ. I just loaded Slightly older driver for my video cardbeacuase the ones from Nvidia would cause 1 screen to flicker whenever a window opened up in it. That is now gone. My card is a geforce 7950GT running dual digital monitors. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Figured it out. First installed Firefox to put a bandaid on the problem. Then took a shot in the dark and looked at the driver for my accelerated graphics port. Even though it said it was fine I thought maybe try the driver that came with my MB. Turns out it opted to load that over the windows one even though it was an older version. That fixed that problem and my 3D rendering problem. Now she runs like a champ.

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