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When i open e.g. word and i minimise it i cant open it again CAn you guys please help getting on my nerves.n :frown::frown:


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Sounds weird. You get it minimized to the taskbar, or what? Or you close it, and can't get it reopened? Is this a common problem with other programs too?

I get6 it when i minimize and its with all programs


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Don't know if this helps, but it could be a start?

Found by Google search "minimized windows won't open".

Hope you get it running well. If one can't help others themselves, one can help them to find help elsewhere - the best I can do right now.

"It's not really a matter of knowing everything, it's a matter of knowing where the know can be found", a common phrase when I was in our ~ High School. Today, it's a matter of Search Words.

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