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The free Opera browser has been updated to Version 10.53. This version fixes a critical security vulnerability as well as providing several bug fixes.


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You got me baffled now Ross. Your picture resembles nothing I have ever seen. I recognised the last one though!! (the eye of the bum)

PS the pic above is me as a young man

I recognised the last one though!! (the eye of the bum)
If you mean FEAR 3 (the last one his signature?), it's not out yet.

As for the Opera update, they're doing well. Would be great though if one day they implement an optional (turn on/off) enhanced html editor.

Opera 10.53

  • Enjoy unprecedented speed with our new Carakan JavaScript engine, Vega graphics library, and Opera Presto 2.5 browser engine.
  • Opera includes industry leading support for Web standards such as HTML 5, SVG and JavaScript.
  • Enhanced platform integration on Windows and Mac means that Opera looks and works better than ever on your operating system.
  • A beautiful, new design looks great on Windows, maximizing your view of the Web and fully utilizing Aero transparency on Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
  • Our improved dialogs will not get in your way or interrupt you. You can now switch between different pages without having to clear prompts first.
  • Searching is easier than ever, with Web search integrated right in the address field. You can also find pages from your history and bookmarks, as you type.
  • Displaying pages in the size you want is smoother than ever, with a new zoom slider in the status bar.
  • Rest assured that browsing stays personal with private browsing. Once you close a private tab or window, the data from that session is removed from the browser without a trace.

Browser Market Share: April 2010

Internet Explorer continued to loose share, dropping below 60%, from 60.65% in March to 59.95% in April. This is the first time Internet Explorer’s market share has dropped below 60% since late 1998.

Firefox was up slightly in April, from 24.52% to 24.59%, while Chrome continued to surge up from 6.31% to 6.73%. At it’s current rate, Google Chrome will have a 10% share by the end of 2010.

Safari also gained share in April, jumping from 4.65% to 4.72%, while Opera was down slightly from 2.37% to 2.30%.

Total Market Share

Microsoft Internet Explorer 59.95%
Firefox 24.59%
Chrome 6.73%
Safari 4.72%
Opera 2.30%
Opera Mini 0.79%
Netscape 0.46%
Flock 0.06%

Opera 10.54 Build 3388 with a few bug fixes

Opera 10.54 Build 3388 - With a few bug fixes - Softpedia
(Download Opera Web Browser 10.54 BETA - Softpedia)

Early adopters keeping a close eye on the development process of the next minor update to Opera 10.50 will be happy to know that a new snapshot is now available for download. Delivered just four days after the previous release, Opera 10.54 Build 3388 is focused on resolving a few bugs that survived beyond the previous build. As a reminder to users not familiar with pre-release software, Opera 10.54 Build 3388 is not designed to be installed and run into production environments, but only for testing.

According to a member of the Opera Desktop team, Opera 10.54 Build 3388 only fixes a couple of issues with the browser, and delivers no important changes. Illustrative of the fact that the development process is still far from over is the fact that Java will not work on the Unix/Linux flavor of the browser.

Last week, just ahead of the weekend, Opera 10.54 Build 3386 offered not only bug fixes, but also performance enhancements and improvements to Speed Dial. Since that release, Opera Software has labored to make Flash work again on the Unix version of the browser. The latest 10.54 release does allow end users to enjoy Flash content while surfing the web, even when doing so from an Opera 10.54 version installed on top of Linux.

“We have included a few things we have been working on, and that we are only adding to the main builds now. In addition to various bug fixes for mail, and cross-platform and Mac-specific bug fixes, we have tweaked DOM performance a bit. Please be on the lookout for regressions there,” an Opera Desktop team representative asked. “There are also a few visual tweaks for Speed Dial, but you may have to do a clean install to get the new default background.”

actually i find that after using Maxthon for a couple of years i find it very easy to go to Opera 10.5x
it's just a shame they don't do an x64 version for windows Vista/XP/7 x64 they have one for Linux so it mustn't be that hard to port it


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Opera Software has decided to dump the 10.54 update of its desktop browser and instead put its manpower into the development of the 10.60 version which is planned to be simultaneously released for Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems.
According to the infamous Desktop Team, Opera 10.60 will come with further performance improvements for JavaScript, DOM and CSS, some interface tweaks (the 'O' menu button is now named 'Menu', new tab previews), as well as a lot of bug fixes.
To get a feel of Opera 10.60 you can download the Alpha 1 build which is available for Windows , Mac OS and Linux/Unix .

Ref: Opera 10.60 Alpha 1 available for download | TechConnect Magazine

Still no x64 bit for windows though i wouldn't mind waiting a couple of weeks extra while they port it but they just don't even bother, Yeah sure the 32bit versions work fine in win7 x64 but what's the point in having an 64bit OS if program writers aren't going to support it :mad:

The JavaScript engine introduced in Opera 10.50 is being fine tuned, giving more than a 75% speed improvement in some benchmark tests.

Improved tab previews The visual "peek" effect when hovering over tabs looks more refined with smoothly rounded corners and a clear display of page titles.

Opera web browser | Opera 10.60 alpha preview


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actually i find that after using Maxthon for a couple of years i find it very easy to go to Opera 10.5x
it's just a shame they don't do an x64 version for windows Vista/XP/7 x64 they have one for Linux so it mustn't be that hard to port it
x64 would certainly be a plus (- adobe x64 flash issues), but I would first of all vote for the enhanced html editor.

Only because Adobe are dragging their respective feet Personally i think HTML5 or silver-light should take over where Adobe are failing to keep up silver light seems work fine in IE x64

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Second Opera 10.60 build up for grabs

Written by Cristian Thursday 03 June 2010 - 12:16 | Tags: 10.60, opera

Opera Software's Desktop Team has just let loose a trio of Opera 10.60 builds, enabling Windows, Mac OS and Linux users to test out the latest tweaking/bug fixing work done on the upcoming browser.
According to its makers, the bugs terminated in today's release are the following:

- CORE-1209 (Google Earth links from web sites are not opened properly)
- CORE-29664 (Cafeworld and potentially other Flash games Fails on facebook)
- CORE-19025 (Objects sent with wrong mime-type are shown incorrectly)
- CORE-19738 (application/pls+xml should not be treated as XML)
- CORE-23977 (Performance improvement for plugins and animated content)
- CORE-28214 (Opera freezes on loading altglyph testcase)
- CORE-27506 (Clip-path should not be applied while painting source graphics for filter effect)
- CORE-28230 (Incorrect handling of empty altGlyph element)
- CORE-28231 (Incorrect handling of filter primitive 'in' attribute who match a prefix of a filter source)

- CORE-29476 (Plugin window often initially located at 0,0 for a short while)
To download the Opera 10.60 alpha-grade build click here (Windows), here (Mac OS) or here (Linux), depending on the OS you are using.

Ref: Second Opera 10.60 build up for grabs | TechConnect Magazine


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Opera Software's Opera 10.60 desktop browser has moved to a new build number after one more week of work in which its developers focused on fixing as many bugs as possible from the feedback batch coming from testers.
This third Opera 10.60 snapshot is available for Windows , Mac OS and Linux and it includes the following:

- Fixed DSK-297848 (Widgets with non-default start file will not install on Win/Nix and crash on startup on Mac)
- Fixed DSK-300727 (Not possible to select items in dropdown menus using the mouse)
- Fixed DSK-298554 (Unite apps not shown in panel after installation)
- Fixed DSK-298488 (Opera crashes when hiding and showing bookmarks in the addressbar dropdown)
- Fixed DSK-290305 (Launching previous session with two separate Opera windows causes a crash)
- Fixed DSK-299048 (Mail messages not staying in focus)
- Fixed DSK-298552 (Freeze on receiving mail)
- Fixed DSK-265678 (Crash when dragging buttons to status bar)
- Fixed DSK-274447 (Cycling tabs "without list" and "alternative page cycle mode = 0" adds focus to all cycled tabs)
- Fixed DSK-295921 (Widgets are upgraded to default path only)
- Fixed DSK-277917 (Advanced menu in download tab doesn't appear for files downloaded to non-ASCII folder)
- Fixed DSK-289391 (Autoupdate does not close Opera when set to hide to system tray)
- Fixed DSK-257454 (Impossible to change or install dictionary in dialog boxes)
- Fixed DSK-180617 (Links opened in external applications close page if page is opened from a panel or mail)
- Fixed DSK-287319 (Unable to accept self-signed certificate)
- Fixed DSK-283179 (Find in page overlay does not disappear when clicking iframe)
- Fixed DSK-280759 (Deleting private data does not remove closed windows)
- Fixed DSK-299348 (Ghost close button appears when clicking top of trash button in Windows 7)
- Fixed DSK-291817 (Opera does not prefetch icons for bookmarks from the custom/ folder)
- Fixed DSK-299530 (Percent sign in encoded url from external application is encoded by Opera again)
- Fixed DSK-298142 (Buttons often disabled in new non-modal dialogs)
- Fixed DSK-288727 (Many user selected locales don't get a language even if possible)
- Fixed a couple of DOM regressions (Facebook chat)
- Fixed CORE-28120 (xhr.overrideMimeType() called before xhr.open throws)
- Fixed CORE-30272 (Freeze on Youtube inbox, colspan and border with border-collapse:collapse)
- Fixed CORE-30097 (Width of shrink-to-fit float with fixed-width parent and STF float grandparent not updated when content is added (Gmail))
- Fixed DSK-286851 (Can't type in windowless Flash)
- Fixed DSK-299467 ("Open with..." context menu passes incorrect URLs to other browsers)
- Fixed DSK-297579 (Opera is activated, but Space does not change when opening link)
- Fixed DSK-299028 (Crash when pressing some keyboard shortcuts in the start-up dialog)
- Fixed DSK-295263 (Quick-preferences shortcut incorrectly requires you to hold Command)
- Fixed DSK-298456 (Cannot customize the appearance of toolbars on Mac)

Ref: Opera 10.60 gets lighter in bugs | TechConnect Magazine

Looks like a lot of improvements. : )

Speed and good looks - Try the Opera 10.60 beta now!

As always, Opera feels fast; tabs open in a split-second, Speed Dial loads your favorite sites with a click, and pages load in a snap. In benchmarks such as Peacekeeper, the Opera 10.60 beta improves performance by well over 50%, and comes out ahead of all the major browsers out there, steadfastly maintaining its position as "The fastest browser on Earth".

What's new in Opera 10.60 beta?

Aside from these speed improvements, many enhancements have been made to the way Opera looks.

*The Opera Menu has been made more apparent and easier to use.

*Tab previews have been enhanced, and use smooth animations.

*Speed Dial is better looking and now uses wide-screen previews that fit better on new monitors.

Many exciting new features have also been added:

*Geolocation now allows Opera to request that you share your location. This enables websites like Google Maps to determine your location to provide enhanced services without requiring a GPS.

*The WebM codec is now supported for high-quality HTML5 video

*Support for HTML5 and other open standards has been further improved.

*Search suggestions will be available for selected providers. Currently this can be seen with Wikipedia search.

*HTML5 Appcache lets you use some web applications while offline, while and developers can make use of Web Workers for performing heavy calculations without slowing down the browser.

Of course, all the great stuff you know and love from previous versions of Opera is still there, like Opera Unite, Opera Turbo, and Opera Link.

Take the new Opera 10.60 beta for a spin!

OPERA seems to be a great browser, I just wish I could configure it to be more like Firefox with the add-on features and such.

I will give it another download and try it out!

Thanks for the heads up! :D

Well, I'm using the 10.60 Beta version and like it! Fast and easier to configure than before.

Opera just may become my next browser of choice.

The Opera browser has been updated to Version 10.54. This version fixes several security vulnerabilities.
Thanks, they are always fast updating this browser, it won't be too long before it is 10.60 final - another reason to like it.

Well, I'm using the 10.60 Beta version and like it! Fast and easier to configure than before.

Opera just may become my next browser of choice.

Absolutely agree, Opera feels great.

Forget the potato, Opera 10.6 speeds past Google Chrome 6

Potatoes shooting out of tubes... A browser racing against boiled spuds... It's all good for a lighthearted laugh, but you're probably more interested in how a browser performs against non-tuber.

A while back, Opera 10.5 briefly snatched away the speed crown from Google Chrome on my system. Chrome's been comfortably in the lead for quite some time now when it comes to performance, but that may be about to change with the arrival of Opera 10.6.

I put the newly-released Opera 10.6 snapshot build up against both the Chrome 5 beta and Chrome 6 dev channel builds, and the results were pretty astounding: Opera 10.6 posted a Peacekeeper benchmark almost 25% higher than Google Chrome 6.0.408.1 (my results here). Sebastian's numbers were a bit closer, but Opera 10.6 still won (+14%).

That's pretty substantial, and the difference is noticeable while browsing web sites and tackling my usual daily tasks in apps like Gmail, Google Reader, and Seesmic Web. Opera 10.6 appears ready to reaffirm the fact that Opera has every intention of competing with the big boys.

Maybe Opera was poking fun at more than the original Google ad. Perhaps they were dropping a not-so-subtle hint about 10.6 turning up the heat on Chrome, so to speak...

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