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Less than two weeks have passed since the Opera 10.60 beta release and already the Opera Software team has made available the first RC (Release Candidate) build of the new desktop web browser.
The Opera 10.60 RC1 is available for Link Removed - Invalid URL , Link Removed - Invalid URL and Link Removed - Invalid URL and includes the following changes (over the last snapshot):

- CORE-30228 (Crash at kinosiska.si)
- CORE-30034 (Web Storage crash)
- CORE-30764 (Freeze at wordofo.com)
- CORE-30464 (Canvas 2D context's font attribute crashes the browser)
- DSK-303725 (Disabling Speed Dial search provider is not remembered)
- DSK-303163 (Plugin related crash)
- DSK-302725 (A document served with incorrect MIME breaks multistyle/font switch-writing system)
- DSK-197656 (Middle-click in empty window doesn't go to URL on clipboard)
- DSK-300238 (Files with non-ascii characters in path don't open when Opera is already running)
- DSK-304033 (Improve selection of default CJK fonts)
- DSK-304037 (Opera Unix does not run with newest GTK version)

Ref: Opera 10.60 goes RC | TechConnect Magazine


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Opera for Windows updated to 10.60

Opera Web browser offers the best internet browsing experience available. Discover what over 20 million people have already experienced by downloading Opera's fast and safe internet browsers. Features include Speed Dial, Search Shortcuts, and Trash Can.

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Link Removed due to 404 Error

Further-optimized JavaScript engine is over 50% faster than in Opera 10.50.

Enhanced support for advanced web standards such as HTML5 and WebM video is now included.

Turbo feature is x8 times faster now.

(The tab previews are cool too.)

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YAY opera 10.60 just updated to it and lovin the tab preview and new speed dial shortcuts look

and the speed Link Removed - Invalid URL
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Opera 10.61 RC1 available for download

After a few weeks of silence (due to a well-deserved holiday), the Opera Software Desktop Team has returned with the announcement of the first Release Candidate of Opera 10.61, a relatively minor update for its desktop browser that comes with fixes for various issues reported by users.

The changelog of 10.61 looks a little something like this:


- CORE-29377 (In some cases widgets don't run)

- CORE-29887 (Crash on qq.com)

- CORE-30690 (Setting onload property of XMLHttpRequest blocks document memory from being garbage collected)

- CORE-31141 (Opera treats binary files as plain text (opening it in the browser instead of showing download dialog))

- CORE-31269 (Crash on Canvas demo)

- CORE-31379 (Printing from print preview results in either a freeze or corrupted page)

- CORE-31426 (Widgets don't have access to network after restart)


- DSK-298346 (Start Bar blanked out after opening background tab)

- DSK-307788 (Relative paths in Filename setting for Speed Dial background doesn't work)

- DSK-307987 (Rename "Fraud Protection" to "Fraud and Malware Protection")

- Numerous crash and stablity fixes

Linux and FreeBSD

- CORE-30804 (Common plugin crash)

- DSK-258729 (Linux Special Web Keys Do Not Work (XF86Back/XF86Forward))

- DSK-275098 (double click popup menu does not go away)

- DSK-276410 (Popup menus are poorly styled in KDE)

- DSK-280594 (Checkmarks and Radio buttons (Option marks) in menus look different from native)

- DSK-287681 (Can't right-click in Bookmarks menu under UNIX)

- DSK-288406 (Menu seperators are the wrong colour)

- DSK-291882 (Widget installed globally does not appear in widgets panel)

- DSK-292229 (Lines painted on top of scrolled area)

- DSK-294121 (Page scrolls up when moving scrollbar knob and styles using double arrows are used (plastique, Polyester, oxygen, qtcurve))

- DSK-297393 (Tab cycler too high when menu bar is enabled)

- DSK-297409 (Cannot type in Cyrillic with Ukranian or Bulgarian keyboard layout and ru_UA.utf8 or bg_BG.utf8 locale on Ubuntu)

- DSK-297648 (Package installer description needs corrections)

- DSK-301066 (Keyboard shortcuts with Dvorak layout use qwerty layout)

- DSK-302055 (Many preference dialogs can be opened for widget on Linux)

- DSK-302682 (Menus and submenus are opened and closed all too fast)

- DSK-303089 (Scrollbar doesn't reach all the way to the top and bottom in certain GTK styles)

- DSK-303588 (Difficult to create new lines with scim)

- DSK-303809 (IME characters not highlighted during conversion)

- DSK-304242 (If you have compositing enabled and use a skin with transparency the speed dial will look ugly)

- DSK-304646 (Missing translation in Widget installer)

- DSK-305044 (Opera crashes in download dialog when trying to chose the application to open a downloaded file with)

- DSK-306342 (Checkmark in checkbox is not centered in x11 mode)

- DSK-306398 (Crash when saving certain files or starting a torrent)

- DSK-307119 (Status bar doesn't appear)

- DSK-307173 (Crash when drag/dropping link)

- DSK-307226 (Scrollbar has wrong background color for some GTK themes)

- DSK-307332 (Scrollbar button corners should be rounded for some GTK themes)

The Opera 10.61 RC1 is available for Windows , Mac OS and Linux .

Download: Link Removed - Invalid URL

Ref: http://www.tcmagazine.com/tcm/news/software/29519/opera-1061-rc1-available-download
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New Opera 10.70 build available for testing

Giving Opera 10.61 a go may be fun but if you want to see what Opera Software's bigger browser plans are then it's best to try the 10.70 (version number pending) snapshots which not only include more fixes but also new HTML5 features, SVG tweaks and an improved JavaScript debugger.

The latest Opera 10.70 build is available for Windows , Mac OS and Linux and comes with the following changes and additions:


- DSK-180617 (Links from external applications close page if page is opened from a panel or mail)

- DSK-300470 (Posix crash on page load)

- DSK-306032 (Impossible to maximize widget in application mode)


- Fixed a few non-reproducible crashes

- Fixed a few WebStorage crashes

- CORE-1930 (Selection.selectAllChildren now implemented)

- CORE-19329 (Support CSS3 object-fit and object-position)

- CORE-22402 (EcmaScript debugger improvements)

- CORE-27275 (SVG Optimizations)

- CORE-29727 (Add HTML5 HashChangeEvent)

- CORE-8204 (Remove IE Compatibility: document.getElementsByName doesn't distinguish between id and name attributes)

- CORE-12667 (Need to add incorrectly issued "Microsoft" object signing certificates to online repository)

- CORE-13803 (doDataURL() with non-primary and non-solid colours)

- CORE-18808 ("v" shortcut in Google Reader opens about:blank (ignores same thread that opened popup setting location))

- CORE-19618 (Fix for CORE-18808, failure to load page in newly opened popup)

- CORE-22043 (Unable to load page's own URL into (i)frame)

- CORE-22489 (Add operaunite.com to pubsuffix list)

- CORE-23432 (Added phrase flags to search and highlighting)

- CORE-24101 (Fix for Ctrl+End which didn't move the caret anywhere on Google Docs)

- CORE-25558 (Referrer of XMLHttpRequest response is wrong when request is initiated in a call from another frame)

- CORE-26183 (Memory fix for changing offline mode to online)

- CORE-27256 (Random-ish crash in YUI test suite)

- CORE-27917 (Crash when deleting a paragraph with an image)

- CORE-28221 (Crash when browsing with cached images)

- CORE-28346 (setTimeout(function, Infinity) should be handled as 0)

- CORE-28745 (hashchange event fires incorrectly when stepping back and forward through pages in DOM cache)

- CORE-28890 (Correct behavior for getComputedStyle of 'object-fit: auto')

- CORE-28941 (Underline text-decoration doesn't seem to be filtered if the text is rendered with an SVGFont)

- CORE-29227 (Div with content:-o-skin("Smiley Happy"); crashes)

- CORE-29284 (Frozen UI and Flash not loaded when clicking link in Flash and going back)

- CORE-29410 (Opera crashes on SVG images that include CSS stylesheets via @import)

- CORE-29579 (Error.{stack,stacktrace} are identical)

- CORE-29806 (Defining "href" getter on a Location object should throw TypeError)

- CORE-29905 (Array.prototype.join.call(arguments) with a single argument "a" !== "a")

- CORE-29919 (Need to run setTimeout < 10 ms in correct order)

- CORE-29922 (Error.stack/stacktrace should be writable)

- CORE-30096 (Non-enumarable properties are not returned)

- CORE-30130 (Redeclaring Event object does not reflect within other scopes)

- CORE-30168 (Carakan doesn't properly terminate strings to identifiers in some cases)

- CORE-30690 (Setting onload property of XMLHttpRequest blocks document memory from being garbage collected)

- CORE-31426 (Widgets don't have access to network after restart)

- CORE-31482 (UPnP memory issue with IPv6 and non-local addresses)


- DSK-306226 (Crash when launching browser after upgrade)


- DSK-300182 (Crash in no-Carbon build)


- All Linux/FreeBSD fixes in 10.61 RC1 are included in this build

- CORE-31040 (Text strings to be used if print dialog can not be started)

- DSK-300106 (Dragonfly crash with 16-bit color depth)

Download: Link Removed - Invalid URL

Ref: New Opera 10.70 build available for testing | TechConnect Magazine


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New Opera 10.61 & 10.70 builds are up for grabs

Last week's flurry of Opera desktop browser builds seems to continue undisturbed this week as already Opera Software has made available a new Opera 10.70 snapshot as well as a third RC (Release Candidate) of Opera 10.61.

The 10.61 RC3 is available here and features the following changes: Opera Desktop Team - 10.61 Release Candidate (RC3)


- CORE-29918 (Crashes when using vBulletin's WYSIWYG editor)

- CORE-31142 (When loading an animated png, CPU usage goes high and the browser doesn't respond)

- CORE-31618 (Calling cloneNode(true) on a form creates a form with an empty "elements" array.)

- DSK-236194 (yahoo.cn mailproviders SMTP entry does not use submission port)

- DSK-301823 (Disk cache don't work correctly in turbo mode)

- DSK-308907 (Default cookie preference should be 'Accept all cookies')

- Several stability fixes


- DSK-304850 (installing opera 10.60 windows over-writes saved search preferences)

Linux and FreeBSD

- DSK-309052 (Yahoo search crashes Opera for some users)

- DSK-308495 (Can't type in Gnome/Metacity (or xmonad) after the F2 URL dialog has displayed)

- DSK-304517 (Flash not receiving mouse release events when run under Openbox/Awesome (or KDE-kwin with 'focus follows mouse'))

- DSK-307765 (Pages failing to load after a DNS update/change)

- Further fix to DSK-280594 (Checkmarks and Radio buttons (Option marks) in menus look different from native)

The Opera 10.70 snapshot can be found here and includes: Opera Desktop Team - New 10.70 snapshot with more Presto updates

Core (general)

- CORE-10146 (WF2 autofocus attribute should be optional)

- CORE-19728 (Rename -o-text-overflow to text-overflow, and support ellipsis on multi-line blocks)

- CORE-24184 (Persistent Storage implementation for User JavaScript)

- CORE-24896 (Update Unicode support to Unicode version 5.2)

- CORE-27509 (Reflow crash in opera:config when SVGCacheSize=0)

- CORE-28592 (Server-Sent Events are not working)

- CORE-28847 (Link: Crash when synchronizing typed history without "last typed")

- CORE-29377 (Widgets not loading (config.xml not found))

- CORE-29982 (Compressed plugin streams are never cached)

- CORE-30118 (Plugin related crash with "submit form to insecure server" warning)

- CORE-30193 (Memory problem related to certificates (verisign.com))

- CORE-30257 (Memory problem with regular expression literals)

- CORE-30310 (Carakan syntax error if the do-while statement was the true branch of an if-statement with an else)

- CORE-30352 (Windowed Flash on Youtube not mouse accessible)

- CORE-30372 (Broken PKCS #12 certificate import)

- CORE-30391 (JIT related memory issue at dn.se)

- CORE-30488 (Clean up Application Cache better when closing window)

- CORE-30489 (Application cache request sent twice for a single Window, and cancel message sent with wrong id)

- CORE-31175 (Ensure correct prototype chain for Dragonfly)

- DSK-294403 (Mail: multipart/alternative parts that are not true alternatives are invisible)


- CORE-16099 (Faster traversal of relatively positioned elements)

- CORE-29469 (Slowdown on vg.no traversing and changing CSS properties)

- CORE-29547 (Selector performance regression)

- CORE-29510 (Style properties/presentation attributes (vg.no))


- CORE-28440 (Freeze caused by nested tables, overflow, and align)

- CORE-30229 (Crash caused by huge BMP image with CSS height:0)

- CORE-27808 (Crash when reflowing pages)

- CORE-30661 (Crash trying to find the offsetParent of an element without a layout box)

- CORE-29750 (getClientRects returns wrong offsets for tables)

- CORE-30667 (TinyMCE insertHR test regressed)

- CORE-30672 (Unnecessary horizontal scrollbar caused by tall block with absolutely positioned child)

Ref: New Opera 10.61 & 10.70 builds are up for grabs | TechConnect Magazine


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Hmmm to install or to wait for the final I think I'll wait for the final but thanks for keeping us updated on all things Opera Kemical


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yeah mine auto updated itself last night I wonder though just how long it will be before I'm getting asked to install 10.70 finale tis all good though regular updates beat once a year huge ones


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Opera 10.62 RC is ready for testing

It's another fabulous Friday on the world's web and the Opera Software Desktop Team is providing up with something fresh to try out this weekend, a Release Candidate of its upcoming Opera 10.62 browser.

Available for Windows , Mac OS and Linux , the RC comes with the following updates over Opera 10.61:


- CORE-27623 (Fallback not displayed for Java types when plug-ins disabled)

- CORE-30184 (Selection jumps while backspacing in rich text editor)

- CORE-31963 (Opera crashes when searching on hotels.com)

- CORE-32419 (More MIME file types and suffixes for compressed tar files)

- DSK-300950 (Not clickable/selectable links/text)

- DSK-307008 (Opera hung when leaving canvas/audio/javascript game)

- DSK-308559 (hotmail.co.uk should be added to mailproviders.xml)

- DSK-308722 (FastMail domains missing from mailproviders.xml)

- DSK-310281 (Missing images in feed preview (media rss))

- DSK-311008 (Missing plugin dialog might cause a crash)

- DSK-311558 (Crash after leaving a page with a flash with wmode="transparent")

- DSK-311689 (Items disappearing from cache)

- DSK-311738 (Bodyless documents crash in accessibility mode)

- Fixed some crashes gathered from the automated crashlogging


- DSK-305751 (Entering text is very slow on OSX 10.4 Tiger)

- DSK-311676 (Enable on on demand plugins as default for Mac 10.4 and PPC)


- DSK-298758 (Drag and drop can hang after a drop (normally on a speed dial page)): additional fix

- DSK-304220 (Dead keys and cyrillic fail if XMODIFIERS is set but an IME is not used)

- DSK-307669 (Canceling a widget drag under Openbox crashes the WM causing the user to be logged out)

- DSK-309799 (Memory leak in *nix geolocation)


- DSK-304377 (Crash when downloading files in link panel)

- DSK-312101 (Opera crashes when closing a tab with flash)

Download: Link Removed - Invalid URL

Ref: Opera 10.62 RC is ready for testing | TechConnect Magazine


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weren't they doing testing for Opera 10.7 I would have thought it would be in final by now

They're working on 10.7 and in the meantime releasing small updates.


my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/2010/09/03/10-62-release-candidate said:
Opera Desktop Team - 10.62 Release Candidate]
It is about time for an update to our stable branch and hence we have a nice new 10.62 build for you. The fixes listed below are since the 10.61 final.

Since this is a release candidate please let us know if you see any regressions since 10.61 and remember fixes to 10.70 that are missing are not regressions! Link Removed - Invalid URL

Note: These packages have the old non-unified build numbers. However, 10.70 and above will continue to have unified build numbers. Also because this is the 10.6x line we still have PowerPC.


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Opera 10.62 released, boasts fixes and tweaks
Written by Cristian Thursday 09 September 2010 - 10:19 | Tags: 10.62, browser, opera

Opera Software has now made available the 10.62 version of its Opera desktop browser for all three major platform - Windows, Mac OS and Linux. This update doesn't add any new features but includes security and stability enhancements.

The changes brought by 10.62 are the following (Windows changelog below, the Mac OS and Linux changes can be found here and here ):

User interface


- Selection jumps while backspacing in a rich text editor

- Opera closing when searching on hotels.com

- Not being able to click or select links or text

- Opera freezing when leaving a canvas, audio, or JavaScript game

- A missing plug-in dialog might cause Opera to close

- Bodyless documents causing Opera to close in accessibility mode

- Opera closing when downloading files in the link panel

- Loading of streaming plug-ins in Opera Turbo

Display and scripting


- More MIME file types and suffixes for compressed tar files


- Fallback not displaying for Java types when plug-ins are disabled

- Items disappearing from the cache

Mail, news, chat


- FastMail domains and hotmail.co.uk to the email auto-configuration


- Missing images in feed preview (media rss)


- Fixed an issue where malicious DLL files could be unintentionally loaded and allowed to run arbitrary code.

Opera 10.62 can be downloaded via: Link Removed due to 404 Error

Ref: Opera 10.62 released, boasts fixes and tweaks | TechConnect Magazine


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The Opera browser has been updated to Version 10.63. This version has a range of bug and security fixes.

Link Removed due to 404 Error