My laptop is a HP Pavilion dv6500 (dv6647cl) just crashed randomly during basic internet browsing. I turned it back on and I get the Operating System Not Found error. In the BIOS I do not see the hard drive recognized. I connected the hard drive to a different computer and it is recognized and it appears as though nothing is wrong with the drive.

Is it safe to say that internally the SATA controller is dead?

Will edit after running diagnostics and sector tests on the drive.

Any suggestions?


Is the SATA directly connected to the Motherboard or is there a cable in the middle. If there is a cable, it could have gone bad, unlikely, but posable. The other idea is i had the sme thing happen on my desktop, I unplugged the drive moved it to the next SATA connector, put another dirve in it's place and was getting ready to reinstall the OS and try to salvagte some of my data, when it booted like nothing had happened. Try taking the drive out dust out the SATA port with canned air and try puting it back in. I know it sounds strange, but like with mine, it might work.

Past that then I would say start looking at the boot sector and see it something has gone wrong there. Then I would say that it might be the SATA adapter or drive itself.

The sata port looks to be connected straight to the motherboard, no cables. Just ran a chkdsk and there are 0 bad sectors, so I believe it is just the sata controller/port.

If you havn't yet, try the clean meathod, blow it out like a NES game or better with a can of compressed air. Try using it again, I know it sounds weird, but it worked for me a few times. If it still persists, check the BIOS settings one more time...then I would have to agree with you. It dose sound like a SATA controler problem. I hate to hear that, not much can be done for that.


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Also when the drive is back in the laptop check the BIOS to se if the drive shows there. Make sure that the HD is the boot device in the BIOS.
You may have already done this but just in case I thought I would comment.

That's what I was thinking when I said check the BIOS settings again. I must not have been clear enough about that. I will be sure to be more clear in the future.

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