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Apr 27, 2009
ive just built myself a new base at a cost of £1000 so want to put operating system on but not too sure which one whether my system is geard at 64bit though. i was wondering whether or not to put on windows xp pro 32bit or 64bit windows vista ultimate 32bit or 64bit or windows 7 rc 32bit or 64bit any help would be much appreciated

If your system is 64 bit, there is no contest. Windows 7 64bit will have far more drivers than the earlier OS's

I agree with dave...go with a 64 bit, it's no contest. The question you have to ask now is what flavor. Personally, I've got the 64 bit version of all 3 operating systems installed on various pcs. If it were my pc, and I only had one, I'd dual boot with XP 64 and win 7 64. I'm running the 64 bit version of Vista but I don't like it. Too much overhead even after I've scalped it. XP works without all of the processes that it takes for a useless transparent clock! And Win 7 looks good so far, but you also need reliability, thats why you should think about XP.
[/my opinion]

I wouldn't go with XP 64 bit simply because it's old and the driver support just isn't there... Vista Ultimate 64 bit OR Windows 7 RC 64-bit on the other hand would be much better choices than XP 64 bit in my opinion.. They work much better and there are alot more drivers available for them... ;)

I would suggest either Windows 7 RC 64 bit (I agree with davehc on this one, there's no contest).. OR dual booting with Windows XP Pro 32 bit and Windows 7 RC 64 bit.. ;) Both work VERY well and there is tons of support available for both as well.. and Windows 7 is only going to get better from here on out. :)

What are your new system specs? A 64 bit OS will only be beneficial to you if you have the hardware to back it up.. As in more than 1GB of RAM for starters... (I find 3GB or more is best for a 64 bit OS..).. Also, you have to ask yourself what your computer is used for mainly.. that will also help you determine whether or not using a 64-bit OS would be to your benefit or not.. One of the biggest advantages to using a 64-bit OS is the fact that you can install 16GB (for example) of RAM and actually be able to 'use' it all..

Here is a link to the official Windows 7 RC 32-bit AND 64-bit minimum system requirements.. It'll give you a good idea as to whether or not your system can handle the 64-bit version.. :)

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I would rule out xp because of its age. (I use it). I would rule out windows 7 rc at least until the rtm comes out (I use it ha da). If you have a lot of memory (4-8GB) and a huge hard drive with duo core or quad core I would definitely choose vista sp 1. If you have lower specs take a guess probably xp on a slow machine with a 7 upgrade in the future.