Optical Drive wont clear old CD contents when new disc is inserted

Hi Everyone

Just built new desktop, all going smooth except for this problem. I have a samsung Blue Ray combo drive, that will read the first disc I place in it just fine, but when I eject that disc and insert another disc, the contents of the first disc inserted remain and no matter how many times I refresh the window, eject and reinsert the next cd the contents will not change and the drive will not recognise that a new CD or DVD has been inserted.

Only way for me to get the drive to recognise new cd or dvd contents is for me to disable/enable the drive or to reset the computer. Have unistalled and reinstalled drivers and checked that they are up to date etc.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hey there.

Update the firmware for the drive to the latest from the manufacturer's website.


Yeah, have done that. Problem existed from the very start. Was still having the same issue after updating the drives firmware... Which was a few day ago. Have since updated firmware as of 14th September with no change in drive. Wondering if there is a cache that remembers whats on the cd/dvd for purposes of disc burning that is not reseting..?

Two questions...

1) Is the second disk good?
Sometimes it won't clear the explorer window because the second disk can't be read.

2) How are you ejecting the disks?
If you use right click, eject it should clear the window.
But if you use the button on the drive, it's possible the system doesn't know you've changed disks.

In your place I'd be replacing the drive under warranty.

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