Optimize Win 7 For Crucial M4 SSD

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    Turn AHCI on

    1. Trim on: cmd/fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify=0

    1. System Restore to Off

    1. Drive Indexing-Explorer/right click SSD drive & select properties/Disable “Allow files on this drive, etc.

    1. Paging File=Right click computer/adv sys settings/adv tab/Performance Settings/adv tab/change box under Virtual memory/select No Paging file/click set button/OK=Off

    1. Disable Hibernation=cmd powercfg_–h_off

    1. Turn Prefetch and SuperFetch off (0)

    1. Windows Write-cache buffer flushing/device mgr/disk drive/Right click SSD/Properties/Policies/Disable.....

    1. services.msc= Windows Search= “Auto” (See Item 5 above this list)

    1. HKEY LOCAL MACHINE/System/CurrentControlSet/Control/Session Mgr/Memory management/ “ClearFileAtShutdown & Large Systems Cache –0

    This is the way I currently have my Win 7 set up for my Crucial M4 64gb SSD. I would welcome comments/constructive criticism.
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