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i was wondering if anyone could be of help to this matter ive been trying to search some info about if there is any way to get this to work on 32 bit its the 5th edition for oregon trail i put the disk in and it doesnt load and nothing pops up..@-)

That's in your best interest that it didn't do anything. Count your blessings and forget it.

haha is the game pointless garbage etc etc then or what im just a little cunfused sorry


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The Oregon Trail (video game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Looks utter waste of time from the info, go buy Civ 4 and the expansion "Colonization" if you want a half decent game about that sort of thing, education rarely ever converts to fun or even gaming. Never a good sign when a 1971 game for a calculator doesnt look or play any better after 5 editions in 30 years.

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You need DOSBox and Oregon trail, The : abandonware DOS games

Mindfully, this is for the original version. You may want to try XP Mode for the 5th edition. I have never tried this.

thanks ill try that

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