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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Shelbyrenae92, Jun 27, 2011.

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    When I go in to My Computer my OS(C:) it has a red bar and pretty much says there is no space. I not only have a programs file i have a programs x 86 so i think all my programs and everything is being copied twice i try to delete but even as an administrator it wont let me i need help!!!!
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    That is normal for a 64bit system.

    64bit specific programs will go in the Programs Folder.
    32bit specific programs will be put in the Programs (x86) Folder.

    Some, like Photoshop, will go in both.
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    As Elmer has already indicated, what you are experiencing is normal for a Windows 7 64bit installation, you will have both program files directories by default.
    Your options for reclaiming disk space may be limited.
    You can try an application like Ccleaner and use the cleaner option to analyze your installation and see what you might be able to recover from removing temp files and the like.
    You can, if you have an additional drive or partition, relocate some of your data files to another location, or
    You can add an additional disc (and move data files to that location) or larger disc and image or clone the existing disc to the new one.
    If you use the snipping tool to take a snapshot of your present disc configuration we might be able to provide some additional suggestions. See attachment

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