os install problem with phenom9950


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Have just built new system:phenom9950, m/b GA MA78GM-S2H,2g ram@800, Nvidia 9800gtx.Had vista premium 64 already installed.On boot, after verifying data got message "missing NTLDR". Tried fresh install. After formatting hdd & repartitioning, Vista said "unable to find suitable volume on which to install."
Tried installing xp home premium(32bit).It loaded to reboot stage then came up with"read error"(no error no. given). Have three sata 80g hdds and tried them all with same result.
Any ideas welcome!!!!!


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The NTLDR is missing error may occur if the basic input/output system (BIOS) on your computer is outdated, or if one or more of the following Windows boot files are missing or damaged: Ntldr
Make sure that the latest revision for BIOS is installed on your computer. You might have to use a boot disc containing the missing files.


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Yup, I totally agree with Bill.

If thats a new system make sure your bios is the latest especially as these Phenoms needed a few bios revisions...