OS Startup Options?

Recently had the "Error Loading Operating System" problem.

I didn't have my original copy of Windows 7, so I downloaded one off the internet and used the product key located underneath my laptop, but I'm having some problems. I used Partition 2 to install the Windows 7 again and I was able to get my files from the Windows.old file. (I wasn't able to recover the original through the 3rd Partition).

This comes up on the restart.
capnhaacn.jpg .

I have to select the second option to be able to use my computer. The first one works, but didn't have Windows.old folder. And the third option doesn't do anything. How can I remove the others and get it to boot from the second option.

And it seems I the files I recovered from the Windows.old folder still work. (I'm using Firefox from the Program Filex86 fine and I didn't even have to re-install). But some things like the Touch Pad mouse on the laptop is always on. Even when I push the button to disable it, it stays on. Any idea?

This fixable?


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Download EasyBCD and have it look a your boot structure.
It will let you remove the boot option from the partitions that you don't want it to boot to.

EasyBCD - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com

Make sure you know which one is which before you do it.

What ever you do don't try and remove Windows from any of the partitions before you make it non boot-able. That leads to really big problems.


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Okay so the checked box is the one I'm currently using? And I just delete the other two?

And what about the mouse pad on the laptop? Do I need to download the driver or something?


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If you want to be absolutely sure you could try renaming them and reboot to see if it is the correct one.
I.e. Windows 7 01, Windows 7 02, etc.

Once you are sure just tell it to delete the ones you don't want.
As long as you don't leave only the one that won't boot you shouldn't get into trouble.

EasyBCD will create a boot sector on a partition as well.

Yes once you get the boot thing straightened out download the drivers for the pad and install them.


Sorry it took me so long to answer, I just got home.

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