OS X Lion requires Windows 7 for Boot Camp


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Even Apple is climbing on the Windows 7 bandwagon. Boot Camp, the Mac OS X utility that lets Mac owners run Windows in a separate partition, now requires Microsoft's newest operating system, the company said Monday in a support document.


That is nothing new for Mac. They are always pushing the newest anything on customer. When ever you get a new Mac, you have to use the newest OS out, or install a Linux. PC makers support at least one version older than the newest from Microsoft. Then you get into the limited hardware support for the OS itself. On a PC with the combination of the BIOS and Drivers, you can put what ever hardware you want. With a Mac, the firmware on the device has to work with the OS, or no go. I had a Blue and White, with a great LiteOn DVD burner on it. OS 10.4 booted and installed, faster than Windows or Linux with a 10 minute install from power up to running off the disk. Installing programs from it worked like a dream, and it even read DVDs that my Windows wouldn't. Although it was not a supported drive from Mac on my B&W, so the DVD video and audio play back, and burning was disabled for that drive. When I installed it on my friends Quick Silver, ran the install from the same disk, it allowed it it play and burn DVDs. I went back to my B&W and put the old POS DVD ROM it came with and it allowed me to play DVDs. A good reason that I say Mac is a joke. Something for rich people to waste money on and think they are cool. Along the lines of, I payed 3x as much money as you so it must be better. So the fact that they are requiring Windows 7 for Boot Camp shouldn't be a suprise at all.

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