Oscdimg.exe is not a valid win32 application

SOLVED - Oscdimg.exe is not a valid win32 application

I hope someone can help.....
I just purchased the Windows 7 ultimate student version with the intention of doing a clean install over my Windows 7 RC. I've been trying to make an iso using the instructions here in this forum, but no matter what I get the "oscdimg.exe is not a valid win32 application" error. I've switched drives and drive paths as suggested, and yes I made sure oscdimg.exe was/is in the win32 folder but still the same error.Could somebody please point me in the right direction?

After downloading, I went to unblock everything using properties etc......but there was no unblock option listed. Maybe this has something to do with it but I doubt it.
I DID uncheck read only in all the files however.

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Did you download the application (oscdimg.exe)? Where did you put it? I can't check right now, did you spell it right?


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OK, I am confused. If you are following the tutorial about making a bootable DVD from an .iso, you need the files listed. You said you could not get the .exe utility to work. Now that you have downloaded it, can you get it to run?

I have not done that tutorial and do not have the files you need, so I do not know how it works. Double click on the oscdimg.exe when you need to during the tutorial.

OK, I checked the instructions. You are supposed to open an administrative command window and use that program as part of a dos command. What tutorial are you using?

Digital River is now offering an .iso download, so you might check if you got you software from there. You would no longer need the oscdimg.exe utility.

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If you are using XP, the command prompt opens in the wrong directory by default.

You need 2 commands- the first one is :

cd /d C:\windows\system32

then press enter.

Then type the oscdimg command .

Then press enter.

There is another way , you may find it much easier:


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