Outlook 2007 issue? - Cant send large attachments (5MB+)

I have Windows 7 build 7100 and have successfuly installed Outlook 2007, and transfered data files over from OUtlook 2003. Using multilple email address each with own data file, sending and recieving normally until trying to send large files (pdf files of 5MB or greater). Smaller files send ok (3MB sent fine).

USing cable modem thru Bigpond, all ok, spend 2 days on phone checking system and had tech in to look, 'Bigpond' say not them. I can send the large file via Webmail, so maybe....

Have ample file strorage space (850GB free) and .pst files max 1MB, most 500KB.

Microsoft tech line 'cant' help as using eval copy of windows 7.

Any other 7 users have this issue? Or a solution?

I have had problems in the past when an email address was corrupted. There is a Scanpst program in the Office folder. Run it and select your office pst file located in the user subdirectory.

Scanpst seems to have worked

Thanks, scanned all pst files (errors in all of them), and now can send large emails, althought, it still doesn't send immediately, but with next scheduled send. That is, after pressing send it attempts to send (as per set options to send immediate), it then 'hangs' and continues 'processing' until the next schedule send/recieve starts and then it continues. I have send/recieve checking every 5 mins, so it seems to wiat till that, whether it is 4 mins away or 1 min away, send at that time. A qwerk, but it sends, so all good for now.... Thanks again

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