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    I have Windows 7 and I am using outlook 2007 Enterprise. I have alot of pop accounts. I have to reinstall Windows 7. How can I export all the pop account In outlook 2007 Enterprise to Import them back after I reinstall windows? I would ratter not manually type them all In.

    I have them all In .Iaf file from when I had Windows XP. When I had XP what I use to do Is Import them Into outlook express than when I Installed outlook 2007 It imported to Outlook 2007 automaticly.
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    I'm using Live Mail, it's been my experience that when I have installed it on a new computer and sign into my accounts all of the info except my saved mail folders appear automatically.

    But I did have to type in the account name and password for each account.

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    I'm using 2010, this should be the same for 2007 as well. Go to start orb, then documents, you should see a folder named Outlook files. Open it and you see a file with your email address from your isp. Copy that to a thumb drive or sd card. Then after you reinstall windows and reinstall 2007, just follow same steps to get to outlook folder and then copy that saved file to that folder and wala...just like it was before you reinstalled. I find it easier than exporting and importing....but good to know as well.

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